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Gothic Arch

Gothic Arch

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Create a gateway, add height or frame a gorgeous view in your garden with our elegant PoppyForge Gothic Arch. Handcrafted here in England, the PoppyForge Gothic Arch is a wonderful platform for climbing flowers and plants - including roses, wisteria and honeysuckle. You could also adorn your Gothic Arch with fairy lights - making this a fabulous night time attraction!
Height 88" (2235mm)
Width 48" (1219mm)
Overall Width 56" (1422mm)
Depth 21" (533mm)

This round topped Poppyforge Gothic Arch is ideal for climbing plants and can be used to add height and interest to any garden space. It is made of solid steel and can be specified to have a polyester powder paint coating for a strong and durable finish.

The PoppyForge Gothic Arch is manufactured from 13mm round solid steel upright bars. The Gothic Arch is sturdy, weather resistant and incredibly durable. The PoppyForge Gothic Arch creates a unique focal point in the garden and can be used to separate one area from another, forming an ideal support for flowering climbing plants.

This PoppyForge Gothic Arch is made from solid steel bar, which can be given a durable antique black polyester paint finish, which guarantees this will be a stable and long lasting addition to your garden design. A wonderful choice if you wish to frame a pathway, the PoppyForge Gothic Arch can be used to draw attention to a view or to create the impression of height, adding a dramatic design touch to your outdoor space.

The PoppyForge Gothic Arch is also available as the Gothic Tunnel. A seperate tunnel kit with joiner bars is available to order, should you wish to create your Gothic Tunnel at a later date (Minimum of 2 Gothic Arches required).

The sturdy PoppyForge range is not to be confused with cheaper and less robust products on the market. Our products are 100% British designed and British made, from robust sturdy steel. Paint and coating are of a high quality too.

** Key Features
* A wonderful, traditional garden arch - perfect for styling your garden, framing pathways, supporting decorations and lighting for special occasions including weddings and much more
* Perfectly suited for climbing flowers - including roses, wisteria and honeysuckle
* Constructed from 13mm Solid Steel upright bars with 10mm solid steel cross bars
* Designed to be inserted straight into lawns or soil, comes with four ground spikes
* Weather resistant
* Designed to fit onto soil, grass, patios, driveways or any other surface
* Can be bolted to a hard even surface or inserted into the soil
* All fixings supplied for securing
* Includes four ground spikes for fixing into the soil
* Includes six stainless steel dome nuts for bolting down on hard surfaces
* All items are hand-made to order and dispatch directly from the manufacturer - please ensure you have sufficient room for delivery
* Straightforward self-assembly with full instructions provided

** Available Colours
* Antique Black (Black polyester powder over iron phosphate primer for incredible durability)
* Bare Metal (Ready to Rust)

** Weight
* 34.33kg (may require two or more people to carry)

** Measurements
* Width 142cm
* Height 223.5cm
* Depth 53cm

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